Dear Karen Kaye,

Please assist me in evaluating my own mental health.



Dear Brendan,

Your request shows inner strength through your willingness to face yourself. To question, evaluate, and review one’s mental state is paramount to good mental health. I offer you the following questions to ask yourself, in order to provide the guidelines for your evaluation.


  1. When I am alone without much to do, where do my thoughts and feelings take me?
  2. Am I aware of the times when something is bothering me?
  3. When I am aware that something is bothering me, am I able to pinpoint what is actually bothering me?
  4. When I know what is bothering me, am I able to come up with options and solutions?
  5. How quickly do I act upon these solutions?
  6. Am I consistent in applying these new options and solutions to my everyday life?
  7. Do I live my life feeling motivated toward a higher sense of purpose?


Brendan, the answers to these questions reflect how conscious you are; how well you know yourself; and how you respond to change, which are factors of good mental health. They will assess your strengths and weaknesses. The major factor that will affect your results is how truly honest you are with yourself.

A qualified mental health professional with both book and life experience will assist in any area of difficulty in the assessment and application of your findings.

Many Thanks.
Karen Kaye, LMHC