About The Therapist

Karen Kaye, LMHC


For over 40 years, I have helped clients turn their challenges into learning lessons. Many of my clients have stated that the journey inward is a lot more fun than expected. We will accomplish your goals by tapping into learning from the past; living better in the present and creating a healthy future. You will learn how to benefit by using the “Law of Attraction.” Please feel free to view my column, “Ask The Therapist” in the Natural Awakenings Magazine, Broward Edition. You can find my columns in the Blog section of this website.


Feelings are a superpower when used responsibly. Feelings tend to get a bad reputation because they can sometimes be overwhelming and painful, but feelings help us learn to cope, process, and heal from all the things we experience. The true healing powers of feelings can get lost in all the chaos. It is time to take children’s feelings out of the shadows and bring them to the light. Sharing all feelings is important in the healing process.

This interactive workbook:

  • provides a safe space for children to stay “whole” before, during, and after their parents’ divorce.
  • gives children a healthy, creative outlet to explore and process their feelings by initiating discussion as well as discovering the power of self-affirmation and drawing.
  • takes a journey inside the concerns of children regarding how their lives will be changed by their parents’ divorce.

Holistic Approach

I treat the whole person(s) instead of their “label.” My holistic approach uses many avenues to aid in reaching the desired results. These methods include and are not limited to: Stress Reduction Techniques, Affirmations, and Emotional Freedom Technique. Results are achieved through opening doors and windows of the mind/body that were once closed.

All Stages of Life

I work with adults, teens, children and couples. I specialize in both holistic and conventional methods to meet the needs of each client. Please call for further information. You can leave me a confidential message in detail.


Years in Practice

  • School: University of Maryland
  • Year Graduated: 1983
  • License No. and State: MH2599 Florida
  • Membership: Florida Mental Health Counselors Association


  • Children (6 to 10)
  • Preteens / Tweens (11 to 13)
  • Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19)
  • Adults
  • Elders (65+)

Karen Kaye has been in Private Practice for 40 years in Broward County and receives clients via telehealth. You can reach her at 954-384-1217 (landline - please leave a voicemail).

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