Dear Karen Kaye,

What are your thoughts and recommendations regarding the Coronavirus?

Thanks so much,



Dear Kathi,

Panic never changed anything (for the better). Once someone reaches panic, it can indicate that fear and anxiety were already present and not being addressed. The people who may have a more difficult time now are:

  • Those who feel they must do everything for themselves.
  • Those who need control/power.
  • Those who have a difficult time adapting to change.
  • Those who have emotional issues that have not been addressed.
  • Those who are directly affected by the virus (and/or their family members).

These are the times that allow us to see where we are in our relationship to ourselves and our Higher Power. There are two extreme sides adding to the chaos of the pandemic. On one end of the spectrum, we have individuals who are not directly affected by the virus, and therefore lack reality or minimize the current situation; then we have the other extreme cases where individuals believe they have every symptom of Coronavirus but really do not.

To prevent falling into one of the extremes, I would recommend the following:


  1. Seek professional help now, especially with the ability to utilize the phone and/or computer from your home.
  2. Write down your fears. Do not keep them repressed as that can lower your immune system.
  3. Take the time to decide which fears are real versus the ones that are imagined. Use your past, present and future as your guide.
  4. Deal with the present fears first, one at a time. Please do not allow them to accumulate.
  5. Once you have addressed your fears and are stable, ask family members (especially children and elderly) what they are feeling. Families will either unite or be estranged during this time.
  6. Create a daily routine or schedule. Please include meditation and/or prayer as well as physical activities that you can do from home, such as yoga.
  7. Change out of your pajamas and dress as if you are leaving the house a few times a week.
  8. Create sacred time and sacred space in your home.


Remember that on a spiritual level we adhere to the philosophy that everything happens for a reason…out of the bad comes good. It takes time. I am currently accepting new clients at a discounted rate. Sessions take place via phone to ensure your safety. If you are interested in scheduling a session, please contact me at 954-384-1217 or by email at


Karen Kaye, LMHC