Dear Karen Kaye,

How do you know the difference between your own inner voice and a divine intervention?



Dear Monica,

The only way I can answer your question is through my own personal experience. The first 10 years of my private practice, I believe I was a caring and effective therapist, who did my own “inner work,” and cared about my clients and their results. Luckily, my clients were in agreement with me. Then in my 10th year… something unexpected happened. My husband walked out, leaving me with an 18-month-old baby, and my house in possible foreclosure. So I figured if all I knew brought me to this point in my own life, I didn’t know much! Oh, and did I mention, I am a 40 year practitioner of Transcendental Meditation and a 30 year student of yoga? I know that each discipline has made a major impact in my life and my work, but I also knew something was still missing…

So to continue my story – after my “Ah-ha” moment of how little my knowledge had paid off in my life, I finally reached “bottom.”  I remember after 3 months of hell, I was desperate for answers. I sat in my family room after putting my precious baby to bed one evening and decided to have my last, good cry.  I looked up to my ceiling and said to my higher power, “okay I guess it’s just You and me.” I waited. As I wrote in my journal that night, the pen in my hand felt as if it glided automatically across the page. Looking back, I believe that good intentions combined with intuition, created the opening for a divine intervention to occur; giving me the messages and lessons that I use and teach to this day.

I can only surmise that once I went to my knees, I could hear a Voice bigger than my own. It has been my quest to share this divine guidance with as many people as I can reach.

I remain immensely grateful for what happened that night, in my time of need. I fully believe that all people are capable of divine intervention. To find that Voice, it takes admitting that there is a problem bigger than you can handle alone. Once you realize you can’t go any further in the direction you have been going, your ego will have to subside.

When you are able to connect with that inner voice, deep within you – that is your higher power’s voice! It’s not just in some of us… it’s in all of us!


All the best,

Karen Kaye, LMHC