Dear Karen Kaye,

How are emotions connected to physical illness?


Dear Rose,

I think you might be surprised by my answer. Most people believe (for example) that agitation and anger can cause a heart attack while extensive grief causes depression.

It is my belief through years of observation that repressed emotions are the culprits to disease. The thoughts and feelings that live dormant that we either do not know are there; do not know what to do with; or choose not to admit cause damage especially over years of repression.

First of all most of us know and accept the connection between mind-body-spirit.

Another philosophy to add to this discussion is anything that is “stuck” gets in the way of flow. Therefore, repressed anger or sadness gains mass and volume as we push it down – clogging our system.

Whereas, speaking up, writing about and knowing our feelings does create flow. Eventually, as you understand and deal with feelings they “lighten up”, “loosen up”, even “go away”. Therefore, there are no negative feelings. Just feelings!

I have witnessed this “truth” in many of my clients. Instead of struggling with an illness, they accept it and know it was created as some form of lesson. As they delve and connect the dots to repressed anger, abuse, or even neglect. They do not keep compulsively repeating statements that have victimized them in the past and a healing takes place. The diseases I have helped clients with are cancer, blood disorders, Parkinson’s, heart conditions, obesity and the like.

The client’s ability to believe they can and will heal is paramount to the results.

I work with many Health Professionals and Healers to help the client accomplish these goals. Remember the body knows how to heal.

Karen Kaye MS, LMHC